Want to boost your Instagram engagement rate and earn new followers? Buying comments is a leading way to gain an edge over the algorithm. But where to buy?

Social media is everywhere today, and Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in the UK with 34.74 million users as of March 2022. Of course, while many people simply use Instagram to save and share their personal pictures and memories, Instagram offers a plethora of opportunities for small to medium businesses, independent content creators, and aspiring influencers.

If you want to boost your creative side, showcase your skills, share your knowledge, and work towards building an income stream through your social media page, Instagram is among the best places to do this.

In fact, Social Films found that 80% of UK Instagram users take inspiration from the accounts they follow. If you want to reach your audience, there is a high chance they are on Instagram and receptive to what you have to offer.

With that said, becoming a notable presence on social media is not easy or quick; you can’t just sign up for Instagram and become a celebrity overnight. The first step towards success is knowing your niche and, thus, your ideal target audience.

Once you understand who you are trying to reach, you can begin to think of great content ideas. Your content is at the mercy of the algorithm once posted, however, and this is where things can get tricky.

Let’s take a look at how the Instagram algorithm will affect your efforts, and how you can get a positive edge over its decision-making.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Why does the algorithm make it so hard for small followers to grow, while boosting users who already have large followings? While it may seem unfair, it’s actually quite sensible when you understand how it functions and what it prioritizes.

You see, when a platform is as big as Instagram, a sophisticated algorithm makes it far easier for users to find content that is suited to their interests. As an example, this means that when you have an interest in beauty and skincare, your behaviour teaches the Instagram algorithm to show you more content like that, rather than content based around ice hockey or food science.

How does it do this? Instagram’s algorithm monitors what type of content users interact with and how they interact with it. This allows it to make informed decisions around which accounts and posts to really push to the forefront.

The algorithm has one underlying goal: to ensure that users spend as much time as possible on the app. To do this, it recommends content that appears to be interesting, engaging, and captivating, so you don’t want to close the app anytime soon. It does this by taking note of how many users like, share, comment on, or save a particular post. This is known as engagement, and it indicates to the algorithm that this particular post is high value.

As such, the algorithm prioritizes and pushes content that gets attention, and people who already have bigger followings have more opportunities to get organic engagement. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how small creators can be overlooked by the algorithm.

It’s a bleak position to be in if you are starting a new account, but there is hope. You can buy engagement, and especially comments, to help get your Instagram account off the ground.

Should I Buy Instagram Comments?

Buying comments and other forms of engagement is a little taboo on social media, because if you go about it the wrong way, it can result in your account being terminated. However, when you buy engagement and followers from the right companies, it can provide the boost you need to start finding your place within the algorithm.

In fact, it’s an open secret that many influencers buy comments and followers, especially when they are first creating their brand. It’s not about presenting themselves falsely to real users – it’s about getting an edge on a biased algorithm.

Buying followers alone is not the most effective way to boost yourself, as your follower count only has an impact on the algorithm when those followers regularly engage with your content. What’s more, a sudden spike in followers without a spike in engagement can be flagged as suspicious activity.

When you buy comments and engagement, however, you will have a better chance of prompting the algorithm to take notice of your content and start boosting you organically. If the algorithm does take notice of this engagement and start recommending you to other accounts, you will see organic growth and, hopefully, a sustained rise in your engagement rates and your follower count.

The 7 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments in the UK

With all this in mind, you may be wondering how to buy Instagram comments safely in the UK. The most important thing to remember is that you should be discerning about the companies you choose to work with. To make this easier, we have compiled a list of seven of the best companies to buy Instagram comments from.


If you want to boost your online presence and gain an edge against the competition in your niche, Twicsy offers a truly stellar service that has your long-term goals in mind.

Buying comments or followers from Twicsy is a sound investment because they put huge emphasis on working with authentic, active Instagram accounts that will add value to your account.

Bracknell News:

By utilizing active accounts, Twicsy provides quality, targeted, and relevant engagement, as well as genuine commenters that do not simply become inactive or disappear after a few weeks. The benefit of this for you is high quality engagement and real followers that diversify your social media presence. This is a great thing, because when you have followers or commenters from diverse locations, Instagram will begin recommending you to users in places outside of your local area.

Twicsy is known for its easily accessible and responsive customer service team; their team is always on hand to provide support and guidance. They offer a range of payment options, including debit and credit card, and Apple pay. Finally, your financial information is safe with Twicsy, because they never store this information on their servers; this means that data leaks are never an issue.


If what you really want is quick results, Buzzoid specializes in budget-friendly services at incredible speed. If you need engagement or followers quickly and efficiently, Buzzoid is the right choice for you.

Bracknell News:

Buzzoid offers instant delivery and guarantees a high engagement rate, but more than this, they guarantee that customers get exactly what they pay for. First of all, they work with real accounts, not bots, so you do not have to worry about Instagram deleting any of the comments you buy or suspending you for suspicious activity. Furthermore, if any of the followers you buy stop following you, Buzzoid offers free refills on a monthly basis. So, you will always get what you pay for.


Gaining more attention and interaction on Instagram can be tough, but Rushmax makes it incredibly easy. What’s more, they are known for being very security conscious. Rushmax will never ask for your login details and they will not ask you to create an account or provide personal information to complete an order. This is obviously beneficial from a data protection standpoint, but it also means that you will never be linked to your purchase in a traceable way.

But what about the results? Well, like the other entries on this list, Rushmax has a good reputation and only works with authentic Instagram accounts. They never sell bots as commenters and they provide high-quality, relevant comments that will boost your engagement rates and help you to gain a foothold in Instagram’s algorithm. Because Rushmax offers high-quality engagement packages, you can expect to see an uptick in organic engagement and growth pretty quickly.

The Social Express

The Social Express is a fairly new company, but they are building a great reputation thanks to their dedication to providing quick and authentic results for their clients. By working with genuine and active accounts, their comments make an impression and last.

With targeted, relevant comments and engagement, The Social Express helps influencers and brands to reach more people organically. They also have a range of other services that are affordable, and premium services for those who want to make a bigger investment in their Instagram presence.

TrendSpark Digital

TrendSpark Digital is an innovative and energetic company that provides a robust service with guarantees. Working with authentic, active Instagram accounts, they provide comments that do not disappear after a few weeks. They are highly relevant, which will help your content to reach the right audience.

TrendSpark digital has a dedicated customer service team, but they can be slow in replying. Nonetheless, the company has great reviews and offers a money-back guarantee. If you do not get what you pay for, or you are unsatisfied with the service provided to you, TrendSpark will give you your money back.


When speed is of the utmost importance for you, iDigic is a great company to keep in mind. Unlike other sites, iDigic offers instant delivery when you buy comments and guarantees speed when it comes to bought forms of engagement. This means that you can expect to see results just minutes after you place your order.

The main downside to this is that the speed at which they deliver comments can cause Instagram to flag your account for suspicious activity – but only if you personally choose the wrong package. Make sure to start small and gradually, so the engagement looks natural.

Luckily, iDigic takes care to minimize this risk by working with active, authentic accounts and providing tailored comments that address your niche and content.

The Social Hive 

The Social Hive is a relatively new company that specializes in helping aspiring influencers to find their community. You can buy followers, comments, likes, and package deals from The Social Hive, and they guarantee that you will begin to see results quickly.

They have a robust customer service team that responds fairly quickly, but their responses can be slightly vague when it comes to advice. If you have an issue with the service you buy, be sure to be very specific when you contact them to minimize miscommunication and ensure a speedy and effective resolution.

Why We Chose These Brands

We know how hard it can be to get ahead when you first start on Instagram, and we are dedicated to helping people reach their goals. Small brands and influencers alike often need a kickstart to get their content in front of the right eyes; we know the Instagram algorithm.

This is why we can say with confidence that we know what works, and we only recommend companies that we would do business with ourselves. No matter what your goals are or what niche your content exists in, we can help you to form strategies that will boost your content and account.