Frustrated residents across Priestwood have hit out at a proposed plan to transform a local laundrette into a new takeaway restaurant.

A planning application was submitted on March 8, 2024, to install a variety of kitchen fittings including extractor fans, electrostatic air cleaners and an air supply fan unit within the building.

It is outlined in the planning application that the applicant wishes to change the use of the space from a laundrette to a hot food takeaway with the installation of an extraction fan and an air inlet grill.

Both members of the community and local parish councilors have objected to this under the grounds that the square already has three other takeaway restaurants to serve the people of Priestwood and Garth.

One neighbour, Miss Tara Stuart issued an objection to the council following the proposal.

She said: “I often use the laundrette for tumble dryer services which is extremely helpful as does a lot of residents in the local area.

“There is already 3 takeaway places in this small square of shops in which you can get curry/fish and chips/chinese/burgers/kebabs and pizza. There is absolutely no need for ANYMORE takeaway/fast food places.”

Another resident objected on the terms that the takeaway would increase the need for more parking and traffic within the precinct.

She explained: “Parking is already a nightmare especially at school drop off pick up times. A local cafe would be more appreciated, somewhere to go after school drop off or meet friends.”

At the moment, Priestwood Square holds an Indian restaurant, a fish and chip shop, and a pizza shop, as well as a Morrisons, barbers, and a pharmacy.

The proposed hot food takeaway has suggested opening times of 12 pm – 11 pm every day of the week.

When put to Bracknell Forest Council for recommendation, councilors decided to recommend refusal for several reasons.

Councilors have outlined that they would like to see a shop that would benefit the local community, other than encouraging more consumption of takeaway food. With three takeaways already residing in the precinct, it is thought that there is no need for a fourth.

Also, supporting the inclusion of another takeaway would contradict the council’s plan to provide a variety of local shops reducing the need to travel for day-to-day requirements.

When assessing the proposal, Environmental Health had no objection for another takeaway but suggested deliveries should only be between certain times to cut down traffic and the need for more parking.