Readers of Bracknell News have reacted with scepticism to plans to replace Bracknell bus station – although others have welcomed the proposed changes.

Under a ‘masterplan’ sketching out the next phase of Bracknell town centre’s regeneration, the bus station will be replaced with a new market square.

Bus stops will be relocated in a circuit around the edges of the new square – which council planners say will ensure they remain accessible and close to the train station.

But some are still concerned that that changes will make buses harder to find. David Stewart, who said he is a bus driver, said the plans showed a ‘lack of understanding’ of drivers’ needs.

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Another reader, whose username is ‘mobaby,’ said the plan was ‘unnecessary.’ They said: “There is nothing wrong with how it is now apart from the bus shelters that let in the rain when it's windy and the seats are like blocks of ice in the winter.

“But at least the station is out the way of any roads and is not dangerous this new scheme sounds like an accident waiting to happen.”

Carol Bee on Facebook said: “It really shows that these people aren't bus users. Who wants to be walking around a street trying to find where your connecting bus is, instead of crossing an already pedestrianised station?”

But others said the plans looked like an improvement. Viccie44 said: “The current bus station and old car park is a huge area of underused space that cut off the station from the now decent end of town.

“Make sure there are good bus stops in any new scheme, but let's get this thing done at last and improve Bracknell some more.”