The campaign to transform the old picture house in Sunninghill into an exciting new community hub is gaining momentum as thousands of people join the fight.

The Novello Theatre, located on Sunninghill High Street, is a 100-year-old building that once held one of the countries first picture houses for people in the community to enjoy.

After members of the Sunninghill community were made aware of the decision to demolish it after it was relinquished back into possession of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, the fight to restore it to its former glory brought campaigners out in force.

With the support of neighbouring businesses, the parish council and members of the community, campaigners have said that they are excited and fully onboard with turning the building into a hub for live performances and events.

One of the head organisers of the campaign, Alan Everett, has said that it is a unique opportunity to create a hub, where the foyer could be transformed into a community café.

Alan explained: “Negotiations during this process have been cordial and constructive but the property services from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead seem to be in hiding.

“We have found out that we need around £500,000 to buy the theatre and so far, we have had many offers of support, both financially and professionally.”

When The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead were contacted by The News, they stated that the building is unfit for use and would need an extreme level of work to make it usable again and to make financial sense for the council to retain it.

Despite this, the campaigners engaged with two surveyors who relayed through reports that there is nothing structurally wrong with the building and that any repairs would be minimal.

Alan added: “We have a lot of ducks in a row very quickly – which is great and for which we must give many thanks to a great team of people working together.”

A presentation of the ‘Save the Novello’ campaign was presented at the annual Ascot and Sunninghill Parish Council meeting where several supporters attended including Jane Richardson from The Cordes Hall.

She said: “We are fully onboard and very excited about the prospect of a community hub next door to the Cordes Hall.”

“Due to the limited space in the Cordes Hall, another theatre would open the village up to more performances.”