A police misconduct panel has condemned a former officer for lying to police about a house move.

PC Hadi Yousef - who has since left Thames Valley Police - was the subject of a hearing on February 12.

It was found that PC Yousef had moved away from his home in Wokingham to live in Bristol without informing senior officers.

He then lied to his superiors about the circumstances of the move, a further breach of internal police codes.

As per policy, officers are required to notify the force about any change of address.

In late 2022, PC Yousef, who was based in Berkshire at the time, requested official permission to move to Bristol.

This was denied - but he went ahead anyway.

Shortly afterwards, PC Yousef was called into a meeting with a senior officer, who quizzed him on his decision to relocate.

PC Yousef lied to the superior, telling him that he had not formally sought permission for a move yet. 

In actual fact, he had made a request - which had already been denied.

PC Yousef has already quit policing.

However, the disciplinary panel found that were he still an officer, his conduct would merit immediate dismissal.

Their subsequent report reads: "The former officer's actions were deliberate and intentional.

"He lied to a senior officer and lied as to what others had allegedly said in support of his move outside the force area.

"He also had made two prior successful applications to reside outside the area and therefore was fully aware of the process.

"Whilst not operational dishonesty, it is nevertheless a serious matter which would adversely impact upon the reputation of the police."