A woman from Cheapside has lost her beloved pet duck and is desperate to find her again.

The duck in question, lovingly named Ariella, is one of three ducks owned by Sara Allison. 

In a recent post on social, Ms Allison shared the following statement: 

"Have you seen Ariella? She’s not just any duck; she’s a cherished house duck from Cheapside, imprinted on me and deeply missed.

"Ariella spends her daylight hours supervised in the garden, but isn’t suited to the dangers of the outside world without the safety & warmth of her home, her human mum, and her 3 duck sisters."

Ariella the duck is an apricot colour, the size of a small wood pigeon, easily approachable, and can be picked up carefully without fuss.

Ms Allison continued "I’m distraught. Ariella isn’t just a duck; she’s my baby!

"Please, if you see her or have any information, help us bring my baby duck back to the safety, warmth & love of her family & home.

"Keep an eye out in your gardens, your walks, and anywhere a house duck might wander for safety or food like under bushes & hedges."

Those who may have seen Ariella are advised to contact 07979 147898 immediately.