A former leader of Wokingham Borough Council has said he won’t run as a councillor again – as he wants to concentrate on becoming MP.

Clive Jones hopes he can become Wokingham’s first ever Liberal Democrat MP, ousting Conservative John Redwood who has held the seat since 1987.

Elections for Wokingham Borough Council are set to take place on May 2. But councillor Jones has said he won’t stand again in the local elections so that he can ‘concentrate even more on trying to win the general election'.

Councillor Jones said ‘lifelong Conservative voters’ in Wokingham have told them they’ll vote for him as ‘they can’t support the Conservative party anymore'.

He said: “They believe the Lib Dems are best placed to ensure there is change in Wokingham.” Councillor Jones also claimed ‘many Labour voters’ are also going to lend him their votes.

But Andy Croy, chairman of Wokingham constituency Labour Party, said that anyone who wants to replace the Conservative government should vote for Labour.

He told the News: “What Wokingham has is a choice between an MP who will be popping up in the commons to oppose a Labour government or one who will be backing the next Labour Government. And in that sense a Lib Dem and a Conservative will be identical.”

John Redwood has been contacted for comment.