A shocking two thirds of Frimley Park Hospital was built using concrete that now risks becoming unsafe.

Frimley Health Trust bosses said they spend £6 million a year on keeping the hospital safe, as most of it contains the risky RAAC concrete that could now start to crumble or collapse.

Nigel Foster, senior responsible officer for new build at Frimley NHS Foundation Health Trust, said the hospital was built ‘substantially’ with RAAC 50 years ago. But he said the concrete has a lifespan of between just 30-40 years.

He said: “It’s a type of concrete which very easily deteriorates. It had a design life of 30-40 years. We’re now 50 years and basically the hospital needs to be replaced.

Bracknell News: Areas in orange show parts of Frimley Park Hospital that contain RAAC

“It’s something we’ve known about for many years. We spend about £6 million a year just making sure we keep the hospital safe.”

Mr Foster revealed the scale of the problem to a meeting at Bracknell Forest Council on Thursday, February 29.

He said even parts of the hospital that don’t contain RAAC are affected by the problem. He said it is impossible to move from one part to another without going through an area where there is RAAC in the walls or ceiling.

The trust now has plans to build a new, replacement hospital at a different location by the end of 2030.