A Wokingham father and son are among those charged with stealing horseboxes and trailers.

Four men appeared before Reading Crown Court yesterday (February 27).

William Harris, 27, of Petersfield in Hampshire, appeared alongside James Maughan, 62, of Middle Ground, Wheatley; William Stokes Snr, 48, of Nine Mile Road, Wokingham; and his son, William Stokes Jnr, 25.

The prosecution claims that the men conspired to steal horseboxes and trailers, which were then stored on land belonging to the Stokes'.

In his defence, Mr Stokes Snr has claimed that he frequently shares his land with friends and neighbours - a situation Judge Amjad Nawaz described as a 'free-for-all'.

Mr Stokes Snr maintains he was not aware that the trailer and horseboxes left on his land were stolen.

All four men denied a charge of conspiracy to steal, relating to the theft of horseboxes between September 13, 2021, and February 4, 2022.

In addition, William Stokes Snr pleaded not guilty on two counts of possessing stolen property, while William Stokes Jnr pleaded not guilty to three such charges.