A Bracknell businesswoman, inspired to action by her son's brain tumour diagnosis, has been named amongst the UK's leading 100 female founders.

Kimberley Shamtally earned a coveted spot on Small Business Britain’s Entrepreneur list due to her successful venture, Muscle Mechanics.

Her business, established at the peak of the 2020 pandemic, formulates pain-relief balms and mood-enhancing inhalers.

The nourishing muscle balms are handmade, born from a pressing need to alleviate her son Jenson's post-surgery discomfort and mobility issues.

Kim said: "During major surgery to remove the tumour, disaster struck. A brain injury developed into Posteria Fossa Syndrome.

"Jenson lost all mobility and couldn’t eat, sleep, walk or move his head. Thankfully, Jenson's indomitable spirit proved triumphant. He kept fighting.

"For two years he pushed and fought to regain his physical skills.

"However his nemesis then clawed its way back into his life – the tumour had returned."

She reported that Muscle Mechanic's products had a significant role in making Jenson's recovery process manageable.

The idea sprouted from Kim's history as an aromatherapist and a sports massage therapist; she provided customised pain relief balms and essential oil blends to clients for over a decade and a half.

Through her experience, she recognised her treatments' potential to mitigate not only muscle discomfort but also the burgeoning mental illnesses often accompanying physical recovery.

Various sporting fixtures throughout the UK, including local football clubs, have taken notice of the efficacy of Muscle Mechanics, exploring its potential to hasten physical recovery.

Following a string of previous successes, including winning Product of the Year at The Business Success Recognition Awards and a finalist spot for the Female Entrepreneur of the Year at The Surrey Business Awards, this recognition allows her to compete at the national level in April.

Jenson's courage did not go unnoticed either; he snagged the True Inspirational Hero Award in London in 2022 along with The Pride of Bracknell Forest Award in the preceding year.

Despite requiring round-the-clock care and undergoing weekly chemotherapy sessions, the eight-year-old Jenson now walks independently with a walker's assistance.

His determination fuels her mission to enhance physical independence, particularly through the right recovery tools and exercise.

Kim added: "This award is an incredible moment to shine the light on female business owners and their impact on local communities."

Her aim remains to create a ripple effect of resilience and determination, just as Jenson has done, and to provide aid to others in their battles, regardless of the nature or scale of pain.

Michelle Ovens CBE, founder of Small Business Britain, said: "Congratulations to Kimberley and each of the phenomenal women featured in this year’s #IAlso100."

Recognising the substantial contributions by women running UK businesses, she voiced her enthusiasm for the continuation of female entrepreneurship's growth and recommended greater encouragement and development of women entrepreneurs.