A new house in Winkfield Row would ‘tower over’ a bungalow next door if Bracknell Forest Council agrees it can be half a metre bigger than planned, a neighbour has said.

The owner of the planned new ‘one and a half storey’ house already has planning permission to build it on Mushroom Castle – but neighbours say there’s not much room for it to be larger.

In a letter to Bracknell Forest Council’s planning department, Geraldine Sharman said the house would ‘tower over’ her bungalow on Mushroom Castle.

She said: “This is an infill and will overlook my bungalow. It will be taller than mine. It is out of keeping with the area and will have an adverse effect on Mushroom Castle.”

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Plans for a one and a half storey house were approved in January 2022. This came after a previous application for a two storey house was refused planning permission in 2020 for being too large.

Now developers want to change the approved plans so that the house will be 52 centimetres taller, 1.17 metres wider and 20 centimetres deeper.

Opposition to the changes have come from 10 neighbours, and one resident of nearby Chavey Down Road wrote in to support it as a ‘minor amendement’. Another person, Geraldine Parke of Windsor, also supported it.

Council planning officers are recommending that permission be granted as the changes would not 'unacceptably affect’ neighbours or the appearance of the area. The council’s planning committee is set to make a decision on Thursday, February 22.