Verbal threats, exposure to traumatic incidents and work-related violence. These are just some of the challenges our police officers face on a daily basis. 

Being a copper in 2024 is no picnic. There are fewer around to do the job at hand while pay has fallen by 17 per cent. And what was once a job for life, is now a job for few years or until these hardworking men and women - sick of being abused or attacked - move on to other careers.

So please don't mistake this column as attacking the individual officers who we can all agree are doing their best in the circumstances. 

But there has to come a point where serious questions are asked about who is in charge of resourcing.

As reported, police did not attend an alleged shooting at a Bracknell restaurant last week. 

Shards of glass flew injured a staff member and despite 999 and 101 calls, the police didn't turn up. 

Answers are needed about why the police didn't turn up to the scene.