Disgruntled Barclay’s customers have labelled the decision to close the Bracknell town centre branch ‘ridiculous and insulting’ following the bank's announcement.

Barclay’s recently made their customers aware that due to the lack of customers using their services within the branch, they have decided to close its doors on Friday, May 17.

Although a recent survey showed that only 130 people used the branch as their only form of banking, the bank has received kick-back from the local community furious at yet another Berkshire closure.

Some customers who feel like they will be affected by the imminent closure include elderly customers and those living with disabilities.

The News visited Bracknell town centre to speak to residents who will soon be forced to either travel to a branch further from their home or open an account with a neighbouring bank within the town.

Mrs Hannington, an 83-year-old resident who lives in Woodley with her husband has been forced to travel to Bracknell since the closure of both the Woodley and Wokingham branches.

She said that after over 60 years as a Barclay’s customer, the decision to close the bank ‘doesn’t make sense’.

“Over the past few years 3 branches have closed in the area and honestly I don’t know what we will do if all the branches close,” she said.

“I am 83 and my husband is 89 and we like to be as independent as possible but there is only so much we can do. At our age, we simply aren’t interested in changing and frankly, I’m not exactly comfortable with putting all my information online for online banking.

“My husband is a veteran and has fought for our country so the fact that they can’t even consider what people our age need is insulting.”

Although the closure of the bank has frustrated the couple, it was noted that the customer advisors within the bank were ‘extremely helpful’ when customers approached the bank to find an alternative following the bank's closure in May.

For Phil Bidwell, the closure of the branch may mean that he will be forced to close his business account at Barclay’s and move to another bank.

As the treasurer for a local golf club in Ascot, cash is fundamental to the operation of the club and its members. The closure of the Bracknell branch would mean that he would have to drive one hour away to either Camberley or Reading instead of his current 10-minute journey to The Lexicon.

Phil said: “If a growing town like Bracknell is no longer worthy of having a high street branch - having already closed other smaller local branches in recent years - then I'm really not quite sure what the purpose of a high street banking brand is.

“It never ceases to amaze me how many older people are in the branch when I visit trying to get help. Banks like to force everyone down a digital and phone-based route - which is fundamentally discriminatory for those who are not online or have no smartphone - but for many that is not possible and not as helpful as engaging with someone expert they can talk to.”

Barclay’s bank has said that following consultation with the local community, they will offer a way to still be present in the community however this has not yet been confirmed.