A new country park could be created on land spanning Bracknell and Wokingham if both borough councils agree to give it the go-ahead. But the plans hints at the possibility that it could be followed by new housing developments in the future.

Housing developer Bloor Homes wants permission to build the park behind the Newlands Farm industrial estate on Old Wokingham Road.

It says park would act as a ‘SANG’ – meaning ‘suitable alternative natural greenspace.’ These are public spaces designed to offset the impact of new housing developments.

In a planning statement submitted to both councils, Bloor said the proposed park is not linked to any current or proposed planning applications. But it says will ‘ensure there is capacity’ to limit the damage of ‘potential housing development’ in the area.

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The statement says: “For the avoidance of doubt, this planning application is for a stand-alone 16 hectare SANG, does not contain any proposed housing development, and is not directly related to any proposed or future housing development.

“It will however offer the potential to mitigate future housing development that may come forward and which would be subject of a separate planning application.”

Planning officers at Wokingham Borough and Bracknell Forest councils are both considered the application.