People across Wokingham borough are at odds over whether a new housing development on the edge of a village should go ahead.

Plans to build a development of up to 23 homes on School Road in Hurst, towards the north of the borough, are set to be ruled on by councillors.

Dozens of people from the village have written to Wokingham Borough Council asking for it to refuse planning permission. But other people – many from villages in the south of the borough – have written to express their support.

Those from Hurst say the development could bring too much traffic and increased demand for stretched services. But those from outside say Wokingham borough needs more housing.

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John Saunders of Tape Lane, in Hurst, said he feared the development would damage the village’s green spaces and residents’ quality of life.

He said: “My wife and I have lived in Hurst for nigh on 30 years. We raised our three children here and value highly the rural nature of the village, the surrounding green spaces and the quality of life.

“This development will occupy valuable green space and have a significant adverse impact on the character of the village.”

And Emma Hardy of Tape Lane said the development, which would be next to St Nicholas Primary School, would add to traffic and put more pressure on class sizes.

She said: “School Road is a narrow road and is already very congested around school times and this development will add more congestion and danger to the school children and parents.

“Due to the size of St Nicholas School and the small class sizes, this could impact children getting places at the school for residents already living in the village.”

But some residents of Crowthorne and Finchampstead – both several miles away in the south of the borough – welcomed the proposals. Many of their letters began with the same words: “I fully SUPPORT this application.”

Jill Sheasby of Crowthorne said: “Being of an older generation it would appeal to me to have an opportunity to move to a village like Hurst.”

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Marie Lovejoy of Nashgrove Lane in Finchampstead said: “With three children aged 22, 21 and 18 we need affordable housing in the borough and this development offers this in a location close to a school and local amenities.”

And Elliot Batting, also of Nashgrove Lane, said: “Wokingham town has received too much development and there is a need for other locations in the borough to build houses, including affordable housing.

“This development offers this and from my perspective is the right size for the location.”

Wokingham Borough Council’s planning committee was set to decide whether to approve the development on Wednesday, February 14.