Owners of Sandhurst Town Football Club have been accused of allowing a match between two outside teams to go ahead, despite having permission to host the game refused.

The claims come after months of neighbours’ complaints about an agreement allowing Sandhurst Town and Bracknell Town football clubs to share the ground at Bottom Meadow, which is owned by Sandhurst Town Council.

Town councillors say that SB Sport and Education Group – which owns both teams – has to ask the council for permission to host matches between two outside clubs.

But they say the group hosted a game between Aldershot Town Academy and Cobham Football Club at Bottom Meadow on February 2, despite having permission refused.

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The game went ahead after Aldershot Academy were made ‘day members’ of the group, apparently getting around the need for permission from the council.

One town councillor said it ‘makes a mockery’ of an agreement that is designed to reduce the traffic and noise impacts on neighbours that can come from two visiting teams.

Liberal Democrat councillor Leigh Quigg told the News: “Matches are declined because of the impact on residents. But when they are declined the group say ‘to hell with the impact residents, we’re just going to play a game.’

“Residents are impacted every time there's a game, and if it's a night game, then you've got the lights, you've got the noise.”

And Lib Dem councillor Nikki Coppins said hosting other clubs was like ‘the equivalent of two away teams, so the parking is just ridiculous'.

SB Group director Kayne Steinborn-Busse confirmed that the club hosted the two teams on February 2, and that they were registered as day members of the group.

He also said that, after inquiries by the News, the group would no longer ‘make any further requests for events outside of our regular schedule'. He said the group would 'enforce our membership clause' instead.

Mr Steinborne-Busse denied that any traffic and noise brought by two visiting youth teams would have a noticeable impact on neighbours.

He said: “The Memorial Park has more than enough parking. It is an absolute non-issue and somewhat of a smoke screen created by the Lib Dems. You can go to the car park randomly across the week at night and see how many spaces are free.”

He added: “You would honestly struggle to read a book standing directly behind a lighting mast. As for noise, youth games simply don’t create noise other than the participants playing the game.”

Mr Steinborn-Busse also said councillors should consider the benefits of providing space for young people to play sports.

He said: “We will allow as many young people as possible from the local and neighbouring areas to experience our safe and secure facilities. Our sole intention is to add value to as many young people as physically possible, remaining within the terms of our lease.”

Sandhurst Town Council did not respond to requests for comment.