A new jacket potato van is gearing up to open in The Lexicon on February 14, sparking a flurry of online reactions from local residents.

Dozens of residents in Bracknell are excited to welcome the new potato van, which will be located between Boots and Primark on the High Street.

There will be a range of toppings to choose from, from your classic butter, beans and cheese to pulled pork or coronation chicken.

If you're not a fan of cheese you can ask to take it off.

Local Bracknell Facebook Comments have been lighting up with gusto.

Some fondly remember the '90s van that was parked near Santander by the bandstand.

"I remember the old one from the 90s" reminisced resident Miss Olliffe.

Other residents anticipate the arrival of the van with a sense of longing, with Ms Galli expressing her excitement, "So glad finally getting this", she said, suggesting a doughnut stall should be the next addition to the town.

Allen Carter expressed a less enthusiastic take saying, "Great more food places in town just what we need."

Not all share his sentiment.

Louise Jerrett commented saying, "Brilliant. Was only last weekend I said this was missing", showing some residents were longing for more variety in town centre food options.

Many others see this as an opportunity for healthier lunch choices.

The ever-popular jacket potato is perceived by many as a healthier alternative to fatty fast food choices.

Renata Clayton commented, "Nice and healthy lunch", highlighting this perspective.

"While there is palpable excitement, a shadow of competition also looms.

Brew Coffee Bar, situated in the town centre, claims to serve the "best jacket potato in Berkshire," according to Stephanie Glanville.

Their offering is described as a "Huge potato, fully loaded and somewhere lovely to sit and chill". 

Local residents are eagerly awaiting the jacket potato van opening, reserving judgement until they have experienced the new business first-hand.

Elaine Strzadala commented, "Hope it’s as good as the last one".

Some are seeing it as a fun adventure, with several locals tagging their friends and family to make plans to try the new food spot together.

Despite some sprinkles of scepticism, the overwhelming sentiment is that of excitement and anticipation.

Mark John, admin of the local Facebook page We Love Bracknell commented, "Good luck, I’ll be down myself soon", hinting that the new potato van will have several customers on its opening day.

Whether the new jacket potato van can reach the legacy heights of its 1990's predecessor or compete with local established favourites remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure - Bracknell locals are waiting with eager taste buds, ready to welcome this new addition to their food landscape with open potatoes.