A policeman has recounted a “hilarious” story of a police chase after a van tried to “take him on a whistle-stop tour of Bracknell.

In a surprising afternoon escapade, a beat-up Ford Transit led local officers on a winding chase.

The action-packed event took place on February 6 at around 2.30pm in the Homebase Car Park, Bracknell.

Officer Murphy shared on social media how the lowly van caught his attention due to the "pathetic condition it was in".

The driver possibly shared the same sentiments as he didn't stick around to engage with the officer.

Murphy proceeded to follow the vehicle, plotting conversation starters for when he'd stop it.

However, the driver decided to skip the interaction and instead, took him on "The Grand Tour of Bracknell, particularly Garth Hill area".

The landmarks of the tour included Garth Hill College, the Prince of Wales pub, Shell Garage, and The Spar - with an added thrill of off-roading.

The haphazard tour came to a halt at Dukeshill Road when the van finally gave out and collided into a parked car.

With the Dog Section and Incident Crime Reports (ICR) section's support, the driver, who had cunningly tried to hide in the van's rear, was arrested.

Police said: "He was taken to one of our ensuite rooms for the night".

The arrested is a 28-year-old male considered for charges including; Dangerous Driving, Failure to Stop, Possession of Class A, Driving while unfit through drugs, and possession of a pointed/bladed article.

He was bailed the next day, and his van was withheld as the investigation proceeds.

Following the incident, the officer urged the public who might have Dash Cam footage or CCTV from the scene to keep it safe, highlighting that a media appeal would be forthcoming.

He also noted the crime reporting number for tracking the case 43240058685.

As his parting shot, Murphy wrote, "I'll keep you posted".