A woman who dropped everything to help an abandoned XL Bully ahead of a crackdown on the breed has spoken of an "overwhelming" few days.

Justine Hynard, 36, from Ascot, rushed to the rescue when locals found a 10-month-old XL Bully tied to a tree in South Ascot Park on Saturday, January 27.

Arriving at the park, Justine said it felt like a "crime scene" with police making it clear a dog warden would be called.

Just days before the breed would become banned on Wednesday, January 31, Justine knew she had to act fast and agreed with police to house the dog, nicknamed 'Pup'.

"This would have been someone's pet. How could you just tie them up and leave them for dead," Justine said.

"He was so lovely, he is so gentle. It was quite clear that he was a loved pet."

However, Justine quickly found that upon taking Pup home, her "hands were tied" as police told her she could not hand Pup to a rescue or rehome him.

"I have two large dogs, so I couldn't keep him," Justine said, referencing her two Dobermans.

"I spoke to so many rescues and charities in Scotland and Northern Ireland and they all said they were full."

Turning to GoFundMe on Sunday, January 28, Justine put a plea out for financial aid to help get Pup checked by a vet, neutered, vaccinated and moved to a safe location.

Justine said the reaction from the local community has been "really amazing" with offers of pet supplies and funds of £2,698 having been donated.

During a visit to Sunninghill Vet, Pup's microchip was read which confirmed he had come from an address in Wembley, however, all details of the previous owner led to dead ends.

On Tuesday, Justine decided she had to get Pup to Scotland before the ban came in.

In Scotland restrictions around owning an XL Bully dog won't come into force until February 23 - after which date all XL Bullies must be muzzled and on a lead in public and selling or exchanging them will be banned.

From July 31 it will be an offence to own an XL Bully without an exemption certificate.

Justine said: "I have been working with a rescue but he is currently in a private pet hotel because all the rescues are full.

"It was heartbreaking leaving him. It was so difficult. We created a bond."

Pup will soon be put through a professional assessment funded by the GoFundMe before a Scottish rescue attempts to rehome him.

"I think he will be an absolutely fabulous dog," she added.

Justine said she sympathises with XL Bully owners. Speaking of the ban she said: "Now being on the other end of it, it is really hard and it really does affect your life.

"My heart really goes out to these XL owners or anyone with a bully breed who is going through this. 

"I think the ban is not well thought out at all. It all happened so quickly.

"Without the fundraising, I don't like to think what would have happened - neutering cost hundreds. I haven't had to pay for the exemption forms but it's like £100. I am a working person but it all adds up."

She added: "Any large dog has the capability of causing damage, it’s about respecting the animal and mutual trust. Any powerful dog can be a challenge in the wrong hands."

Justine will be heading home over the weekend, dropping off another XL Bully rescued by a family in England ahead of the ban, saving the family a £1,000 transport fee.

The GoFundMe is still open for donations and Justine hopes that extra funds from the fundraiser can go toward helping other XL Bully owners. 

The GoFundMe can be found here.