Are you trying to quit drinking? Whether you drink a lot or not, you might want to cut down on your alcohol intake but this can be difficult.

To help you out, the NHS has outlined some tips for those who want to quit drinking.

Cutting down on your alcohol intake has a few immediate and long-term benefits – let’s take a look.

How to cut down your alcohol intake

The NHS website explains that if you drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week, these tips could help you reduce your intake.

It says: “14 units is equivalent to 6 pints of average-strength beer or 6 medium glasses of wine.”

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The NHS encourages people to make a plan so they can set a limit on how much they will drink before they start.

It’s also suggested that you set a budget by only taking a set amount of money out with you to buy alcohol.

Let your friends and family know that you intend on cutting down on alcohol as they could support you as you do.

Reduce how much alcohol you drink each day so you’re successful every day that you manage it.

If you’d like to have a drink while cutting down, you can cut down the size of your drink while still enjoying yourself. You could try having a small glass of wine rather than a large and bottled beer instead of pints.

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Why not opt for a lower-strength alcoholic drink? The NHS says you could swap strong alcoholic drinks with ones that are a lower strength (ABV in %) by looking at the information on the bottle.

It’s important to stay hydrated so you can have a glass of water before you drink alcohol. You can also alternate between alcoholic drinks and water or other non-alcoholic drinks.

Try to have a break from alcohol by scheduling a few drink-free days every week.

You can find more alcohol advice via the NHS website.

What are the benefits of cutting down on alcohol?

The immediate effects of cutting down on your alcohol intake include feeling better in the mornings, being less tired during the day and feeling more energetic.

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You might also notice that your skin looks better and that your weight management is improved.

Long-term benefits include your mood being generally better and you might feel more rested when you wake up in a morning.

Cutting down on the alcohol you drink could help prevent your heart from further enlarging which can be caused by long-term heavy drinking. It can’t be completely reversed but stopping drinking alcohol can prevent it from worsening.