Bracknell BID's popular seasonal lights aren't 'just for Christmas' but will continue to twinkle throughout the winter months.

This decision has sparked an eruption of favourable comments, as locals and businesses have come to enjoy the radiant splendour that lights up their darkened surroundings.

The team at Bracknell BID put up the lights, which grace thirteen trees with their enchanted glow, lifting spirits and improving footpath safety.

Responding to public inquiries, they confirmed that these radiant lights were here to stay for the entire winter season.

David English, Health & Safety Consultant, Panasonic and BID board director, expressed his appreciation for the lights, saying: "The lights look wonderful as I come into work.

"So effective.

"They also give off an extraordinary amount of light."

Likewise, Mary Soane spoke her emotion: "I work in the area and they are beautiful, thank you so much," she said.

Rose Kelly, voicing her child’s fascination, said: "We loved seeing these as we drove past recently.

"My 7-year-old said he hoped they’d be up all of the time!"

Sue Hesling also expressed her admiration, saying, "Thank you Bracknell BID, the lighted trees are beautiful."

Sean Griffin, Bracknell BID Manager, expressed his satisfaction with the public’s response.

He said, "We're delighted at the public response to our seasonal lights alongside Farleymoor Lake with pleas for them to stay up all year.

"They were indeed not just for Christmas, with the plan for them to stay up throughout winter to brighten the darker evenings for those commuting and passing through the area.

"They are symbolic of the BID’s commitment to create a warm and inviting atmosphere which celebrates the spirit of Bracknell’s thriving business community.

"We’ve had some amazing feedback on them."

The captivating lighting spectacle is set to continue all winter, offering a visual delight while enhancing safety during this darker period.

Sean added, "We encourage visitors and workers to get out and about this winter around Farleymoor Lake and the surrounding area, and to let us know their thoughts on what we can do more of this year to continue our work to improve the Southern and Western business areas that we represent, for visitors, workers, and businesses alike."

These initiatives highlight Bracknell BID's ongoing efforts to support local businesses and contribute positively to the overall enhancement of Bracknell’s commercial charm.