A Berkshire delivery driver and supplier said that he is ‘lost for words’ after winning his dream car plus £50,000 in cash.

David Willett, from Bracknell won an Audi RS3 Saloon Vorspurg worth £64,150 after entering an online competition by BOTB.

The Dream Car Competition winner was surprised when presenter Christian Williams jumped out from behind some pallets during his work day which involves supplying products to landscapers.

An additional surprise was the £50,000 which was hidden in the boot of the luxury car provided by the specialists at BOTB.

This comes just months after moving into his new home in the Berkshire commuter town.

The BOTB player, who only recently started playing the game after stopping a few years ago, said that ‘you can't give up’.  

Christian surprised the man during his work day when he failed to flag him down in his truck.

“I couldn’t believe it! This was totally unexpected and I was just lost for words when Christian told me,” David said. 

The Audi RS3 Saloon Vorsprung features an i5 engine, 395bhp and top speed of 174mph.

“It is just a nice, practical car. I’ve never sat in one before, but I’ve seen quite a few of them out on the road.

He added: “Having won all that cash and now sitting in it for the first time, I think I will definitely take the car rather than the cash alternative.”

David plans to use the huge sum of money to renovate his new home and said that it will help massively towards it.

Christian said: “It is a fantastic car to drive and I think David is going to have a lot of fun in it.

“After having just moved house, I am sure the fantastic cash prize will also come in very handy.”

BOTB was founded by William Hindmarch in 1999 and has given away a whopping £64m-worth of cars so far.

BOTB hands over the keys to a stunning dream car each week as well as a lifestyle prize. Winners have bagged Rolex watches, holidays and motorhomes in recent months.