A high street giant, specialising in pick 'n' mix and bargain prices could return to the UK after the financial crisis forced it to close.

Woolworths held a prime location in the heart of Bracknell town centre until the brand went into administration in 2009.

For many residents, ‘Woolies’ became one of their favorite bargain brands after becoming a fixture in the town.

Although hundreds of stores around the UK closed their doors, the brand in Germany, where it is known as Woolworth was saved by HH Holding.

16 years after the devastating closure of the store, the current CEO Roman Heini says the UK is now on his ‘bucket list’ during expansion plans.

The chief executive told the trade magazine Retail Week that ‘despite the challenges of a cost-of-living crisis he had the opportunity to make Woolworth great again.

The BBC spoke to the Woolworth brand in Germany about any plans to re-open in the UK.

They told the BBC: "The brand name 'Woolworth' (without the 's') is owned by us throughout Europe. Should we ever plan to return to the UK, we would scrutinise the naming rights to minimise the risk of confusion. A transfer of rights could help if necessary.

They were “unable to confirm any plans for Woolworth to return to the UK market”. However, a move was not ruled out.

According to a spokesman from Woolworth they said: "Britain is on his [Roman Heini's] bucket list, although nothing is imminent," a spokesperson said, adding "but it may be in the mix for the mid- or long-term future".

Many residents in Bracknell who remember the original Woolworths store are often nostalgic, with hopes that it would one day return.