Locals of Wokingham have been busy sharing beautiful photos of wildlife they have seen around the borough.

Despite many taking joy in the abundance of different bird species, many are also concerned for the wildlife's welfare as cold weather creeps in.

A good deal of people have been sharing their own photos of birds and other creatures to social media to display their photography skills.

Mr Nikos Polydorou recently shared a post to Facebook to highlight the issues Wokingham's wildlife is currently facing with the hopes of creating some awareness. 

In this recent post he said the following: "We are going through not the best weather conditions, very windy, rain and extremely cold.

"It isn't the best time for us but can you imagine how bad it is for our wildlife?

"I know it isn't easy for everyone but for those of you who can, please ensure that you put some bird food and water out there for them."

He continued: "They will reward you with their beauty!

"I was shocked to see so many different birds back in my garden in the last few days.

"I have also included some photos from my local park to show the frozen lake."