The best areas in Berkshire to own a property with a garden space have been unveiled in a new study.

The cost of homes for first-time buyers has reached unprecedented levels, making it challenging for people to meet the soaring mortgage expenses.

Nonetheless, for numerous families, the presence of a garden space is a crucial factor in determining the location to start their new life journey.

These are the Top 5 areas in Berkshire to buy a house with garden space:

West Berkshire

West Berkshire has the most home garden space in Berkshire with a massive 32,988,779m2. The current population of the town is 161,400.


Second on the list is the town Wokingham, having a garden space area of 23,710,432m2. The latest Census shows Wokingham to have a total population of 177,500, an increase of 15% from 154,400 in 2011.

Windsor and Maidenhead

With a population of 153,500, Windsor and Maidenhead is the third area with the most home green space in Berkshire at 22,462,675m2.

Bracknell Forest

Bracknell Forest has 124,600 living in their local authority and have one of the highest amounts of home green space in the county, with a total 11,765,706m2 area.


Reading rounds out the top five list, with the town having a home green space area of 10,298,783m2.