A stunning selection of feathered friends have been spotted in and around Wokingham recently, two of which include a male and female kingfisher from Heathlake.

The exquisite pair have been photographed by Andrew Lock who detailed his sighting of them in a recent update on social media.

Bracknell News:

In a post to Facebook he said “I finally managed to capture the Male and Female Kingfishers from Heathlake.

“They are absolutely stunning birds and is always a pleasure to photograph them, but we also must remember to respect them as they are a protected bird by Law.

“I use a really large telephoto lens so I can stay further away from them.”

Mr Lock was also able to capture some gorgeous shots of another unlikely visitor to the Wokingham area.

He continued: “The other nice surprise is the Waxwings, they are a winter visitor that come over from Scandinavia, they absolutely love our Berries, and they don't stay too long before going back.”

In the photos the birds can be seen perching on various branches of trees and pecking at blossom berries.

Bracknell News:

Bracknell News:

Mr Lock also posted a few photographs of other types of birds around the area, including the common robin which is frequently seen around this time.

Bracknell News:

He also included beautiful pictures of Britain’s smallest bird the Goldcrest, which is shown perching on small tree twigs.

Bracknell News:

Bracknell News:

Dozens of people took to the comment section of the post to express their gratitude for such beautiful photos of the birds.

One user said “Thank you for sharing these pictures. So nice to see nature enjoying the sunshine. And the kingfishers.”

Another person wrote “Beautiful photos! Are these all from Heathlake?

“We're hoping to find some waxwings at the weekend, and were planning to head over to Arborfield, as that seems to be a popular hotspot at the moment but would be good to have a backup location!”

A further person said “Beautiful pictures, love the kingfisher’s must have taken a lot of time and patience to capture such a fantastic picture of them.”

Many others chimed in to congratulate Mr Lock on his excellent photography skills.

One person said “Lovely photos. Are you using a 400mm lens? You have inspired me to get the Eos r out of the bag! Great pics!”

In agreement with the previous comment, a further user wrote “Fabulous photos. So lucky to see male & female kingfishers.”