A major development of some 135 homes is planned to be built on the greenbelt just a short drive south of Bracknell town centre.

The development is planned at Grove End in Bagshot, less than a mile south of the border from Bracknell Forest.

Bracknell Forest Council has said it has no objection to the plans – but it will be up to neighbouring Surrey Heath Borough Council to decide whether the homes are acceptable on the greenbelt.

Somerston Development Projects needs planning permission from Surrey Heath Borough Council before it can build the new development.

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Its plans involve building up to 135 homes along with parking, open space and play areas on a triangle of land just to the north east of Bagshot across the A322 Bracknell Road. It would essentially be an extension to the village, and is just a five mile drive south of Bracknell town centre.

Boyer planning consultancy admits that the site – also just north of Windlesham Golf Club – is on greenbelt land. That would mean building there would not normally be allowed.

But national planning rules say houses can be built on the greenbelt under ‘very special circumstances’. Boyer argues that means Surrey Heath Borough Council can approve the ‘much needed new homes’.

In a statement to the council it said: “Since 2020, a number of recent planning appeal decisions have clearly established the need to meet housing needs.

“Providing homes for those with specific housing needs, combined with a collection of other matters, can represent very special circumstances justifying development in the Green Belt.” It adds that 50 per cent of the homes would be reserved for ‘affordable’ housing schemes.

Boyer goes on to argue that the site is already ‘surrounded by development’ such as Bagshot, the A322, Longacres Garden Centre and Hall Grove School. It says this means this would contain the new housing estate, preventing urban sprawl and stopping Bagshot merging with nearby Windlesham.

But Surrey Heath Borough Council has received 17 letters of objection to the plans, many arguing that further development would add to congestion and demands on local services.

Lauren Paul of Bagshot wrote: “I understand the need for housing but for goodness sake. We need a new doctor’s surgery as it is! Not to mention how bad the traffic is in and around Bagshot. It’s a ridiculous idea to put a housing estate there.

“The pollution from the traffic will be horrendous, I don’t know why anyone would want to live on the side of that road!! Please rethink this. This is an awful proposal.”

Bracknell Forest Council was asked for its opinions on the plans as part of the public consultation. The council had to consider whether the proposal has negative impacts on Bracknell Forest – rather than offer its opinion on how it affects Surrey Heath’s greenbelt.