Concerns have been raised after a person appeared to step onto the railway tracks in Berkshire to take a photograph of a sunset.

It is alleged the person appeared to be taking a photograph as the sun went down on Monday, January 15, at Crowthorne Station near Bracknell.

In an image, shared to social media, the individual appears to be standing on the line with their arms positioned as taking a picture. The woman was said to have left the railway line immediately after taking the image.

The incident has been reported to Great Western Railway who has responsibility for the train station.

British Transport Police and Network Rail have been contacted for comment.

Walking on riding on any railroad in the UK without permission is trespassing and could be considered illegal.

Network Rail states that trespassing on the railway is “illegal and dangerous”, warning on its website that those doing so can be taken to court and receive a fine of up to £1,000.

Responding to the photograph, members of the public raised concern. One person said: “Such ridiculous behaviour to get a photograph and setting such a poor example for the kids on the platform.”

Another said: “Loads of people use railways for photographs and TikToks so unfortunately this doesn’t shock me.”

And someone else added: “[This is] why we need to stop de-manning railway stations and keep manned ticket booths with CCTV cameras.”