Two small deer which were spotted in Bracknell have sparked public outrage with many expressing concerns about the lack of natural habitat in the town.

The two were noticed on Goughs Lane by Lianne Allen who later posted a photo of them on Facebook.

“Saw these two on Goughs Lane,” she wrote. “Haven’t seen deer here for over 30 years, probably been pushed out of their home due to all the building works.

“They had nowhere to run and ended up in the houses.”

Dozens of people commented under the photograph to air their grievances about the lack of natural habitat in Bracknell, exclaiming that the wildlife cannot thrive as it once did.

One person wrote “Bracknell Forest has turned into Bracknell concrete” with another user responding “One of the reasons we are moving away.

“Can't be dealing with the amount of people cars and flats. It's too much, too overpopulated and they just keep saturating the area.”

Others agreed that the consistent building works, adding more flats and developments to the area, is ruining the natural world.

“This is why I don't support wildlife conservation anymore,” one user wrote. “The human population continues to increase taking more and more of natural habitats.”

In agreement with the previous commenter, another person wrote “I bet they are so scared poor things! Naturally shy creatures with nowhere to go, they look lost.”

Many other local residents chimed in to express their annoyance at new developments.

Another commenter wrote “So sad. Their wildlife is being taken from all over. So unnecessary. Should redevelop empty office blocks before they keep on taking the countryside.

“What puzzles me is how all this planning gets agreed upon.”

In agreement with the previous statement, a further person wrote “We humans think we are the superior race and continue to forget about other living creatures.

“Living in harmony is totally forgotten.”

Numerous other people agreed that the lack of wildlife in Bracknell is becoming an issue.

One user wrote “It's so sad I so feel for the wildlife. They have lost their natural Habitat with all the building work going on.

“We live at Harmans Water in Bracknell and I walk my dog over at the field & the parks nearby & see Deer walking around they're lovely to see but not right for them.”

In agreement with the previous comment, a further user wrote “It’s a shame, it used to also be their woodland and home, they have very little land now.”