Developers Taylor Wimpey have put up flags advertising a major new development in Warfield – without getting planning permission first.

Taylor Wimpey applied for planning permission on December 5 to erect the four flag poles, along with two advertising boards, at the Whitegrove Roundabout on Maize Lane.

But one neighbour has written to Bracknell Forest Council to object, claiming that the developer had already put the flags and boards up without getting permission.

Christine Martin said: “They have already put up all the flags and signs without your approval. My house backs right onto the roundabout and I can see everything. I watched them do it.”

She added: “If us members of the public did that without correct procedures you’d be making us take them down.”

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The boards advertise a 175-home development known as Maize Gardens at The Skylarks. This is one phase of a much larger 305-home scheme on land between Maize Lane and Harvest Ride.

Taylor Wimpey has already faced complaints for installing adverts for The Skylarks without planning permission. Bracknell Forest Council received a complaint about two other advertising boards in April last year – before the developer then submitted an application in May.

But the council said it won’t be taking action against the new signs, as Taylor Wimpey has submitted a retrospective application for permission.

“Andrew Hunter, the council’s executive director for planning, place and regeneration, said: “It is not normal practice to take enforcement action in advance of determining a current application, in the absence of any complaint.

“However, if the application is found to be unacceptable, the council can secure their removal.”

A Taylor Wimpey spokesperson said it had told the council it planned to install the flags and signs and then submitted a retrospective application.

They said: “We notified Bracknell Forest Council of our intention to install a sales cabin with associated signage and advertising flagpoles after receiving planning approval for our upcoming Maize Gardens at The Skylarks development in September 2023.

“While we received no objection from the council, we are aware of the complaint that has been raised by a local resident regarding the installation of the flagpoles. We will cooperate with any feedback received from the council as a result of this complaint.”