Fujitsu is at the heart of the Post Office's IT scandal - but until recently has largely stayed out of the headlines.

The Japanese tech giants - awarded more than £6.7billion worth of government contracts since 2012 - has its UK headquarters based in Bracknell and close ties in Berkshire.

But since a four-part ITV drama documenting the miscarriage of justice which saw 700 Post Office branch managers convicted of fraud, more people are now becoming aware of Fujitsu’s role. 

Fujitsu was awarded the contract to roll out the new computer software throughout post offices in the UK. 

The faulty system led to the wrongful convictions of hardworking sub-post masters who were accused of fiddling the books. 

While more than one million people signed a petition calling on Post Chief former chief executive Paula Vennells to hand back her CBE, attentions how now been turning on the huge tech company Fujitsu and their role in the saga. 

When asked on a podcast how the company had stayed out of the story, MP David Davis said the tech firm was "very, very good" at managing its public relations.

Bracknell Forest Council often uses Fujitsu's links to the town as a signal to the business community that it is a good place to be based.

On its website, the authority states: "Bracknell Forest is an unbeatable place for companies to locate. We like to say it’s ‘where great business is in good company’ – and world leading names such as Dell, Fujitsu, Waitrose, 3M, Boehringer Ingelheim, Honda and Panasonic all agree.

"Over the last decade more than £700 million has been invested into Bracknell Forest by a range of key stakeholders. As part of this, the creation of The Lexicon, opened in 2017, is one of the biggest transformations the borough has seen in 75 years."

Fujitsu is also a part of Bracknell's Business Improvement District - an organisation made up of local businesses with the intention of improving the economic picture of the town. 

Bracknell BID writes on its website: "Fujitsu is well established within Bracknell and have watched the area grow to include attracting many other multi-national organisations as neighbouring businesses.  Fujitsu enjoy the diversity and richness of the business community as the area becomes increasingly established as the heart of Europe’s silicon valley.

"Supporting other local businesses within the community is important as it enables the economy to continue to flourish and Fujitsu are proud to be part of the Business Improvement District which is quickly becoming established and attracting significant attention."

Since 2012, the government has awarded 197 public sector contracts  to Horizon manufacturer Fujitsu, with a combined value of £6.78 billion.

This includes a £2.4 billion contract for the Horizon scheme and a £36 million extension to keep it running until 2025.

With such a high standing locally, the news of the Post Office scandal has left many residents feeling unhappy with Fujitsu with some starting a petition calling on the company to leave after bringing "shame on the town".

Others have questioned how the company managed to stay out of the headlines for so long. 

Journalist Emily Maitlis, interviewing David Davis MP on the News Agents Podcast, asked how Bracknell-based Fujitsu had stayed out of the headlines.
She said: "I am embarrassed to say that I had only heard the word 'Horizon' in connection with the Post Office, I hadn't realised that a massively successful and hugely profitably company was right at the bottom of this. How was this possible?"

David Davis MP, who has been campaigning on behalf of the sub-masters for several years, said: "Well it's because Fujitsu has said itself, it is very, very good at managing its own PR and has kept itself out of the story and has made legal overtures when anyone mentions it."