Melanie Bellwood, whose daughter was hit by a car six years ago, says that still nothing has been done about the dangerous road that caused the accident.

As previously reported, Molly Marshall-Mossman, 13, was walking along Charters Road, Ascot, when she was struck by a car.

She was left with facial injuries, and three broken bones.

Mrs Bellwood has said that the pavement outside Charters School is too narrow for the amount of pupils who frequently walk along it.

She believes that this caused her child, who was playing around with friends, to fall into the road and then was subsequently hit by oncoming traffic.

Mrs Bellwood spoke to the council at the time who announced that it would be carrying out work on the road, involving the widening of the pavement.

But six years on from the incident, Mrs Bellwood says that no such work has taken place outside Charters School.

“Parents have the right to know about my daughter and that nothing has been done,” she said. “I think it’s so poor that the council has ignored this clear safety issue.

“When you look at the pavement you can clearly see that there is so much room where they could widen the path. It is a crime that still nothing has been done, so many pupils walk down there.”

Mrs Bellwood reiterated that the main issue is that there is a huge influx of pupils walking down the pavement before and after school and that the pathway is too thin to support that.

She said that when she got in contact with her local MP, they told her that they were going to support a big development at Charters School that would fix the problem.

“Nothing has happened so far with regards to this development,” Mrs Bellwood said. “No action has also been taken with regards to the speed limit.”

Cabinet member for highways and transport Councillor Geoff Hill said: “The council takes highways safety seriously.

“We monitor recorded accident data across the local highways network, alongside considering road user feedback and suggestions from residents, to help inform any necessary highways adjustments or changes.

“In 2018 the council carried out work related to improving safety around the school.

“Officers can investigate further the widening of the pavement outside of the school more extensively, and I’m more than happy to speak with the school and with the parent of the child involved to find out more.

“This stretch of road currently has a 30mph speed limit and the council has received a request from Sunningdale Parish Council to lower the limit on this road, and several others in the village, to 20mph, which highways safety officers are currently considering.

“Speed limits are determined in consultation with the police.”

Ms Marshall-Mossman is now 18 and has since left Charters School. She made a full recovery from her injuries.