Life-saving defibrillators have been installed at two Bracknell sports grounds after a plea from members of the public.

On December 3, a Bracknell football player had a medical emergency at Braybrooke Recreation Ground and received lifesaving resuscitation using the onsite defibrillator outside of the pavilion.

After discovering that the Wildridings and Ringmead sports pitches did not contain defibrillators within their changing rooms, staff at Bracknell town council applied for a grant to install these life-saving devices.

Following a successful application, they have now been installed and ready for emergency use in emergency situations.

Bracknell Town Council is working to find a way to install an AED at the Harmans Water Senior Pitch with an aim to have all grounds stocked and ready for any emergencies that may occur.

Bracknell town council said: “Bracknell Town Council are proud to have provided equipment which was successful in keeping a father alive in such a terrible emergency.

“We thank all those who were involved in helping save the footballer's life and for the glowing feedback that has been received about the effectiveness of our equipment, which has been shared with the London Hearts organisation.”