Thousands of pounds has been raised for a seven-year-old Bracknell boy who has been left with severe brain damage after suffering rare complications from an E.coli.

Despite initial mild symptoms of a stomach bug, Rafi Amer, 7, from Jennett's Park was rushed to hospital experiencing severe pain.

He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Failure.

After a series of life-threatening complications and two weeks in a coma, the once active boy has been left with debilitating injuries that will now require specialist care.

Rafi’s parents, Laura and Dean Amer launched a GoFundMe to be able to facilitate Rafi’s care whenever he can return home.

Mum, Laura said: “Throughout this time we were told over and over again Rafs chance of survival was 0.2% and we said our goodbyes too many times to mention.

“The consultant told us his chances of being able to breathe off the ventilator were slim and gave him “48 hours until he failed.”

“His life was simply “not viable” if he could not get off the ventilator as his brain had so much damage. Luckily, Raf proved the doctors wrong! He is still here.

“He’s got a long road ahead of him, but it seems like he is steadily improving and gaining more and more consciousness however he will have severe learning difficulties because of the brain damage.

The family is currently living in Southampton with the help of the Ronald McDonald trust to be there through Rafi’s treatment and recovery at Southampton General Hospital.

They aim to raise enough money for the extension, equipment, and care that Rafi so desperately needs to come home and live with his family again.

Laura added: “We can’t bring him home without the specialist equipment. We will need to build an extension on our house with an accessible bedroom and wet room complete with all medical equipment. The grants available from the council simply do not cover it.

“Raf’s life has been changed forever and we are fundraising to make sure he has all the equipment he needs to make his life as comfortable as possible.”

The family has said that they are overwhelmed by the support they have received from countless friends, family, colleagues, and even local people who have never met Rafi.

If you wish to donate to Rafi’s GoFundMe click here.