A couple in Bracknell are trying desperately to locate the owner of a fluffy toy monkey.

Mr Garry Morgan and Mrs Tracey Morgan found the soft toy whilst they were walking their dog on Jocks Lane near Wilwood Road, Priestwood.

“At first I thought it was a baby badger that may have been run over,” said Mr Morgan. “It was very dark you see. But I tested it with my foot and found out that it was a toy.

“I said to my wife “Now we have a manky monkey.”

The toy was completely submerged in the puddle and therefore covered with muddy water. The couple took the “manky monkey” home and Mrs Morgan put it through the washing machine.

Both Mr and Mrs Morgan then went about trying to find the toy’s owner. “If you walk down the bottom of Jock’s Lane there’s a swing park,” said Mrs Morgan.

“Some kid may have chucked it out their pram.”

The monkey is currently sitting in the Morgan’s front window wearing a Christmas hat that the couple bought from Pets at Home.

“If you look at him you have to think that someone must be really missing him,” Mr Morgan said. “Let’s try and get him home for Christmas.”

If you know/are the owner of the “manky monkey,” please email me at olivia.mowl@newsquest.co.uk