FROM the start of 2024 Berkshire residents will no longer have to pay to dispose of DIY waste at recycling centres.

The change has come into effect in the hope of reducing fly-tipping.

The news has been welcomed by Country Land and Business Association President Victoria Vyvyan who said: “This is good news for residents and also for farmers who end up bearing the brunt of illegal fly-tipped materials dumped on their land.

She continued: “There are one million incidents of fly-tipping reported every year, and it has a massive impact on the environment, wildlife, and crops as well as on the farmers who have to pay to clear it up. Making it cheaper and easier for people to get rid of their waste means they will be less likely to dump it illegally, but the police must also deal with the criminal gangs making money by dumping waste.

She added: “We should be making it as simple as possible for people to dispose of rubbish and unwanted items responsibly.”

The CLA represents thousands of farmers, landowners and rural businesses.