A car crashed into the front of a pizza takeaway in Wokingham.

The incident occurred last night (13/3) around 6 pm at the Papa John's shop on Peach Street.

Although no one inside the shop was injured, emergency services were called to the scene, including Thames Valley Police and South Central Ambulance.

The area surrounding the shop was cordoned off by police following the incident.

The News spoke to the owner of the shop, Barney Bains, following the crash who expressed his relief that no one was injured.

He said: “I’m just glad that no one was hurt. The car smashed through the front of the shop but luckily my employees saw it in time and were able to move to the back of the building.

“I’m afraid that if they hadn’t made it out on time the result would have been very different because it was a serious crash.

“This time of year is our golden quarter so it’s not ideal but luckily there were no serious injuries"

According to the owner, Papa John’s will be boarded up for the foreseeable future however they hope to open for delivery after the go-ahead by their head office.

Barney added: “Papa John’s head office is going to come down to see if it’s operational from a food hygiene perspective. We need to do a deep clean because there’s glass everywhere.

“Hopefully we’ll close for a few days and then Papa John’s will hopefully give the go-ahead to do delivery from the back of the shop and board the front bit off.”

The cause of how the vehicle came through the front of the pizza shop is not known.

Thames Valley Police have been contacted for a statement.