Three new blocks of flats on the edge of Wokingham town centre could tower over homes and cause parking problems, residents fear.

Wokingham Borough Council is set to decide this week whether to give planning permission to the 42-home development proposed on Latimer Road, just off Barkham Road.

But some neighbours and councillors say the building will be too large, and won’t have enough parking spaces. Some said parking is already difficult in the area – yet the plans only include 34 parking spaces for 42 flats.

In a letter of objection, Barkham Road resident Christine Agate-Amorim said: “Parking is a BIG issue around these streets so to add more cars will have a detrimental impact on the current residents.”

Others said the building would be too large for the surrounding area – even after plans were re-designed to try and scale it down.

Matthew Lamplugh of Barkham Road said: “We believe we will lose the sunlight into our garden, block the view of the sky from our second bedroom, and also fully lose any privacy we have in the rear garden and second bedroom.”

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Plans submitted by Burlington Developments say the 42 flats would be divided among three blocks on a patch of land currently occupied by two spring factories, facing the railway line.

Wokingham Borough Council planning officers say that the design is “appropriate” for the area. This is because it is close to town centre developments such as the Queen’s Gate flats, directly opposite the site on the other side of the tracks.

They also say the industrial building housing the spring factories is in poor condition.

Officers say: “The development reinforces a more positive relationship with its surroundings and is consistent with is edge of town centre location and other major developments such as the existing Queens Gate apartments, Elms Field and Carnival Pool.

“As such, the proposal would enhance the character of the area and minimise harm to the amenity of prospective or surrounding residential occupiers.”

None of the flats in Burlington Developments’ proposal would be classed as “affordable” – even though the council requires a minimum of 30 per cent.

Yet council planning rules also say that, as their valuers have agreed it wouldn’t be “viable” for Burlington to provide flats at a lower price, this requirement can be waived.

Instead, Burlington has agreed that the council can re-evaluate the scheme once 90 per cent of the flats have been let or sold. The council would then get 60 per cent of the “excess” profits if it turns out it would have been viable to provide affordable housing after all.

Wokingham Borough Council’s planning committee is set to make a decision on Wednesday, November 13.