An elderly couple has been left out of pocket as they attempt to reinstate their charming garden fence after they were forced to dismantle it.

Margaret Rose Hale, 72, from Bullbrook Drive moved into the property in 2009 where she and her husband soon became part of the community.

The one-metre structure was built four years ago to protect their beautiful garden from being destroyed by passing wildlife.

Following many attempts to save the fence, Margaret was forced to pay £162 to submit a planning application to rebuild the fence.

Margaret said: “It’s ridiculous. I drew up a planning application with Mark Goodwin from Silva Homes and paid the £162 but I haven’t heard anything from them and apparently it might take five weeks before I do.

“My perfect garden has now been ruined. Foxes and other animals have been walking on the grass and ruining my plants which were once my pride and joy. Because there is no fence anymore everyone is using my lawn as a shortcut and therefore the grass is being destroyed.

“My husband is very angry because he put a lot of work into the garden as well as neighbouring gardens and now all his work has gone to waste.

“He’s just given up. I’m not going to let this go though.”

When the couple moved into the house in Bullbrook in 2009, they were told by the former management company that they would be able to install a fence under four feet.

Margaret expressed her frustration at Bracknell Forest Council who ’hassled’ them to remove it following a supposed complaint by a ‘disgruntled resident’.

Neighbours have rallied around her during the last month as they struggled with the loss of their garden.

The planning application, which was submitted to the council is requesting that the fence be reinstalled further back from the edge of the garden.

Margaret added: “The fact that I might not get that £162 back is ridiculous because it took a big chunk out of my grocery money. My neighbors kindly offered to help but I have refused to take their hard-earned money.”