While many people around the country are gearing up for the holiday season, this time of the year can also be very difficult for a vast number of people.

There has recently been an influx of social media posts where members of the public have anonymously been reaching out for community support, expressing that they are suffering from bad mental health.

A number of recent Facebook posts have illustrated that people in Bracknell’s community are really struggling, many stating that they feel helpless when it comes to the way they feel.

Despite the saddening issues these people are facing, whether that be strained family relationships, lack of income, loneliness, or breakups, it has been heart warming to witness Bracknell’s community coming together to support these individuals.

Many have commented under these anonymous posts expressing their support for the person who’s going through such a tough time, giving them heartfelt advice, and letting them know that they can privately message them if they wish.

A substantial amount of people have also commented with their experiences with mental health, many agreeing that the festive period is a very difficult time of year for people struggling.

On some particularly difficult posts where the anonymous member has expressed that they feel that they may not be able to go on with their life, hundreds have spoken up to remind them of the light in the world, and that they do have people who care about them and love them.

A Samaritans spokesperson said: “People can struggle at any time of year but, for some, the winter can be particularly difficult.

“As the nights draw in and it becomes colder and darker, people may find themselves socialising less. Often the festive season getting into full swing can add to feelings of loneliness for those of us who may not be feeling so merry.

“And it’s a particularly tough time for all of us at the moment as we combat rising bills as the cost-of-living crisis continues.

“So, it’s vital that anyone who is struggling does seek support and shares how they are feeling.

“If you’re finding things tough, remember Samaritans can offer a listening ear 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Christmas Day.”