New tennis courts at a private school and a hydraulic car lift are in this week’s roundup of planning applications and decisions in Bracknell Forest and Wokingham Borough.

You can view each one by going to the relevant council’s planning website and searching for the application number provided.

Bracknell Forest: School sports courts (23/00739/FUL)

Wellington College private school could get 12 new tennis and netball courts. The school in Crowthorne wants planning permission to demolish its existing court, which it says is ageing, and replace it.

A planning statement says “The existing courts are showing their age, do not meet modern requirements, nor offer sufficient capacity and as such are no longer fit for purpose."

Bracknell Forest: Tory Hall Farm (23/00003/S106)

The owners of a mansion in Maiden’s Green want to change a decades-old legal agreement so that they can sell the house without its adjoining fields.

Planning permission was granted in the mid-1970s to build a stable block and a flat on the grounds of Tory Hall Farm, but only on the basis that none of the land could be sold separately. This was apparently to prevent the block being sold separately to the main house.

Now the current owners want to sell the house – but the prospective buyers don’t want the fields that come with it. They want Bracknell Forest Council to change the definition of “the land” in the 1970s agreement so that this can happen.

Solicitors acting on behalf of the buyers say they don’t want to alter the intention of the agreement – to prevent the buildings being sold separately – in any way.

Wokingham Borough: Hair salon (232380)

Permission has been granted to demolish a former hair salon and replace it with a two storey house on Emmbrook Road.

The salon has been based in a single storey extension to a two storey house opposite The Emmbrook Inn.

Plans say the new two storey house has been designed not to overshadow neighbouring properties, and to have space for two cars to park.

Wokingham Borough: hydraulic car lift (231793)

A man has been allowed to install a car lift outside his garage temporarily so that he can renovate an old car.

The car enthusiast has already installed the lift on Kingfisher Drive in Woodley – and some neighbours complained that it would create noise and potentially affect the values of their properties.

But Woodley Town Council was reassured that it would only be there temporarily while the man renovated an old car as a hobby. And Wokingham Borough Council agreed it should be allowed to stay until 22 May 2025.