A life-saving search and rescue charity has reached out to major retailer, Sainsbury’s, for assistance as part of their community initiative programme.

The retailer announced that they are set to submit a proposal to Wokingham Borough Council to build a new superstore on the land at the northeastern corner of the Nine Mile Ride Extension.

If approved, Sainsbury’s has said that it will aim to make a positive difference in Arborfield Green by working with various community charities and initiatives.

Lowland Search and Rescue - a charity that provides police and emergency services with resources to help find missing people - has contacted the retailer with a plea to help them in their search for a permanent Berkshire headquarters.

The leadership team aims to reach out to Sainsbury’s Director, Patrick Dunne explaining their need for a permanent home after the previous HQ in a Wokingham borough council-owned premises was sold.

The letter from the Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue leadership team said: “We are in desperate need of a permanent Base of Operations.

“Somewhere where we can store our vehicles and equipment and train our members. Ideally, we are looking for a centrally located space within the Bracknell, Wokingham, or East Reading areas.

“We would like to discuss the possibility of your communities and partnerships programme coming to our aid. We noted that you are developing a new store in Arborfield and we would really appreciate it if it was possible for part of that development to be allocated as a base for BLSAR as part of a community support programme”

Team secretary, Richard Turner added: “The proposed location of the Superstore would suit our pan-Berkshire operations very well and, given that planning is yet to be granted, there is potentially a small window of opportunity to include a purpose-built HW for BLSAR as part of the Sainsbury’s responsibilities within the proposal.”

The BLSAR is a registered charity staffed with 100 per cent volunteers who support their sister teams in adjourning counties.

As well as search and rescue, the charity also provides specialist water and aerial support to Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service and local authorities.

Currently, the BLSAR have been working out of temporary bases in Arborfield and Toutley depot where their time is soon coming to an end.