Police have seized a VW Golf after it was seen speeding down the streets near Wokingham and Bracknell.

In the early hours of Saturday morning (November 18), police spotted a motorist who thought they had found an "adequate replacement for the Nürburgring Ring".

Thames Valley Police documented that the driver failed to stop and was driving at speeds well in excess of the speed limit through torrential rain.

An officer added: "In conditions Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t even brave on the track, they were placing not only their own life, but their passengers, the Officers and those of the public at risk.

"Unfortunately for the driver, he found Officers waiting at his home address with a rather unimpressed Mummy and Daddy! (Yes we told on you!)

"He will be swapping four tyres for trainers making burning rubber a far more challenging prospect from now on!"

Thames Valley Police added: "We take reports of anti-social and dangerous driving seriously and will continue to patrol our roads to keep everyone safe!

"If you see these scallywags turning your local area into a scene out of Fast and Furious you can report them online by following the link orlo.uk/JWUDy."