Dozens of frustrated neighbours have signed a petition after an elderly couple was forced to dismantle their ‘charming' garden fence.

Margaret Rose Hale, 72, from Bullbrook Drive moved into the property in 2009 where she and her husband soon became part of the community.

After receiving a notice from Bracknell Forest Council to demolish their one-metre tall fence in the front garden, the community has rallied around them.

The petition was first distributed by Bullbrook resident, Marion Sumpton, with the hope of urging the local council to reconsider its decision.

Outlining that upon its construction four years ago there were no objections made, she presented some relative facts about fences in residential areas within the petition.

She said: “Fences contribute positively to property values by enhancing curb appeal and providing privacy, fences act as physical barriers against potential intruders or unwanted animals and well-maintained fences improve neighborhood aesthetics and create a sense of pride to the residents.

“Considering these facts alongside my personal experience living near the fence for several years, I firmly believe that removing it would be detrimental to residents.

“Let’s demonstrate unity as concerned residents who value safety, privacy and aesthetics within our neighbourhood.”

Although the affected residents have been forced to dismantle the fence surrounding their garden they are hoping that with enough support behind them, the council will grant permission to reassemble it.

Upon hearing about the petition that was initially signed by over 70 residents, people from other neighbourhood's in Bracknell have come forward to help.

Margaret said: “Everyone has come together to show that my fence is a positive addition to the neigbourhood.

“It is so lovely to know that the community is behind me after all these years.”