A Berkshire mansion and renowned arts centre has been dubbed one of Berkshire's most haunted buildings after a girl was left in tears during a midnight tour of the building.

Spirit Chasers, a business which offers night-time excursions to the most ‘haunted’ buildings across the South-East of England spoke to the News about their experiences whilst visiting the building during 2021.

The Bracknell building was chosen for a ‘paranormal tour’ as the centre was recovering from the difficulties of Covid - and it seems like more people got a bit more than they expected.

Its 100-year history comes with some devastating events that left a mark on the grounds and the building itself.

From the death of two children in a fire to the hanging of an old owner, the sightings that have occurred throughout the years would bring a chill to anyone’s bones.

The paranormal happenings that the group of ghost hunters experienced are simply hard to believe, and yet with visible evidence it is also hard to forget.

Marie Laird, the co-owner of Spirit Chasers spoke to the News about the thing's that she saw and experienced during her time in the Berkshire mansion.

She said: “South Hill Park wasn’t the scariest place we have ever been to but there were definitely moments where there was no doubt that someone not visible was present.

“We visited the rooms where people have reportedly seen different occurrences before including the Studio Theatre and the Cellar bar.

“We had all our equipment which is supposed to detect things in the room which can’t be seen and all of it started going off in some areas.

"Although we know the history of the building we are in we never tell the people in the group what they should expect so that it's not faked."

The team described an experience called Mirror Scribing which, according to Marie, left two girls on the floor in tears.

She explained: “We picked out two girls who looked similar and left them in the same room on their own with a mirror. After twenty minutes we went back in and both girls were distressed because they could see their faces melting and they didn't like it as they looked at themselves.

“Both went in separately and neither knew what the other had seen.”

Another incident which occurred in one of the rooms in South Hill Park resulted in the participant receiving a handprint temporarily burnt into his skin.

Bracknell News:

A photo of this was taken after the event and it is difficult to consider what else it could be other than a child’s hand.

The husband and wife duo started Spirit Chasers whilst volunteering at another paranormal event.