A prolific burglar has been jailed after a forensic test matched him to a number of thefts and burglaries.

Shane Stewart, 27, of no fixed abode appeared in Reading Magistrates Court on November 14 in relation to offences between October 3 and November 9.

Stewart was connected to a commercial burglary at a shop in Ashridge Road, Wokingham on October 18 where he smashed a window to gain access to the building.

After cutting himself police tested the blood left at the scene, which matched that of Stewart.

During the court hearing at Reading Magistrates, he also pleaded guilty to theft from a motor vehicle during an incident on Friday, November 10.

The 27-year-old was detained by members of the public after being spotted breaking into a car in Wokingham and stealing items from the vehicle. 

When police attended the scene, Stewart was arrested but tried to hide his identity with false details.

Further thefts from motor vehicles and vehicle interference were taken into consideration after he attempted to enter cars through unlocked doors to take cash and other easy-to-carry items.

Detective Sergeant Johnathan Hare based at Loddon Valley police station thanked members of the public who assisted in apprehending the offender.

He added: “Stewart had clearly been carrying out a number of offences to deprive others of their property as well as causing damage at a shop in order to take items.

“This investigation and subsequent conviction shows that Thames Valley Police are committed to fighting acquisitive crime, serving victims and making our communities safer.”