Residents across Bracknell Forest can plot potholes that are affecting them with our new interactive map.

You can respond to the question and share the location of a road's potholes giving you the most grief and we'll add it to our map.

Readers can also attach pictures of the pothole if they have them which we can then include in future articles.

This comes as Bracknell residents have been reporting a variety of potholes across the borough on the Fix My Street website.

This service allows any person to report incidences that they may come across causing inconvenience or danger to road users or pedestrians.

Resident, Dominique Marcelli reported two deep potholes on the B3020 near the junction with Coronation Road on Thursday, July 27.

At that time a 'good Samaritan' had painted the surroundings in white to mark it as 'needing attention'.

Despite reporting these, Marcelli reported on the website today again (16/11) when he noticed that the road was still causing trouble for drivers.

He said: "I believe there have been various car accidents on this road in the last few months and some may be due to drivers trying to avoid these potholes and end up colliding with incoming vehicles."

Another road user from Bracknell reported a 10-inch wide pothole near Bracknell Road which has been there for the last three months.

With some potholes, they may be big enough to seriously damage a car.

In Chavey Down, a resident reported several which caused vehicles to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid.

The anonymous person said: "Several significant potholes causing vehicles to swerve into oncoming traffic. At the bottom of a steep fast hill for vehicles. Crosses the whole left lane driving down the hill. Really dangerous."

Following an increase in budget for use on all roads across the country, Bracknell Forest Council has said that they have increased their work on resurfacing the roads in order to remove the potholes reported.

Cllr Guy Gillbe, executive member for planning and transport, Bracknell Forest Council, said:  “In the past 12 months, the council has made almost 1,500 carriageway repairs, alongside its annual road resurfacing programme.

"Our engineers regularly inspect the borough’s roads to identify any defects that need attention, such as potholes. Dependant on the assessment of risk our contractor is tasked with making repairs within a set period of time.

"Sometimes, urgent defects require an immediate temporary repair until more permanent work can be arranged.

“The same process is also applied to enquiries brought to the council’s attention by members of the public. We urge residents to use the ‘Report it’ function via the council’s website as this ensures that information reaches our engineers as soon as possible and that all relevant details are collected.

“Winter weather, ongoing traffic demands and funding pressures all contribute to the national pothole problem. This is not unique to Bracknell Forest. While the council receives annual grant funding for highway maintenance from central government, the level of funding has remained static for a number of years.

"The current high level of inflation has further increased this funding challenge. Additionally, this grant is not solely for the purpose of road maintenance but also street lighting, highway structures and drainage systems which equally require ongoing investment.”