Concerned residents across Bracknell have called for the use of ‘silent fireworks’ following complaints and dangerous incidents over the past few weeks.

During Bonfire Night and the Diwali celebrations, hundreds of fireworks are released into the air to mark the different traditions.

The Bracknell News asked readers what they thought about the displays and found some mixed responses surrounding the annual celebrations.

The main concern among residents was the effect that the fireworks have on pets and vulnerable adults and children.

Barbara Bradley said: “They’re bad for the environment they are unnecessary they should not be allowed. Animals are scared of them as the older people are too.

If you must have them just let them go for one night at certain time . All last weekend they were going off . They are pointless ………..”

Another reader, Simone Brooks expressed her outrage at the loud fireworks after two dogs supposedly passed away during the celebrations.

She said: “Surely as we are evolving, we can look to silent fireworks while still enjoying celebrations? When you spend the time with an animal in distress, see the terror in them, you may re-align your priorities.

“It’s heartbreaking and not worth some bangs going off ! How would you feel if it was your family in terror and distress for some festivities?” 

Others however believe that with so much destruction and misery in the world, a night of fireworks should be something to look forward to.

Helen Stevens added: “There is so much doom in the world at the minute so we all know that every year around this time there are going to be hundreds of fireworks.

“So those with pets should prepare for this by training, gadgets whatever you should do to help and settle your animals. Are we not allowed anything these days to look forward to? Next it will be Xmas lights are too bright!!!

Another reader said: “I think fair play, they should be able to celebrate their holiday. But no reason for the bangs. It’s a celebration of light, not noise.”

This conversation is one that is a point of contention every year.

With Diwali especially, everyone has the right to practice a religion or faith of their choice.

Bryony El said: “Fireworks are part of Diwali so wouldn’t be able to be banned. However, for the sake of humans and animals the silent ones should be encouraged.”