Questions over the number of homes left empty in Bracknell have started to arise following incidences of people living in “unacceptable” conditions.

With 1965 people currently waiting to be homed across the borough, the availability of suitable properties is one of importance to the community as a whole.

Despite many families waiting for a suitable house in Bracknell Forest, a resident from Bullbrook has come forward with concerns over the amount of time that properties spend empty as they are readied for the next tenant.

That particular neighbour expressed her worry when she began to notice several properties in her neighbourhood had stood empty for a significant amount of time.

As Bracknell Forest Council currently outsource the responsibility of managing empty homes to Silva Homes, they said that they have been assured that the management company is working to prioritise empty properties.

Bracknell Forest Council said: “The council meets with the Silva Homes’ team regularly and receives updates regarding timescales for properties being ready to let.”

Over the last few months, a variety of people have come forward to the Bracknell News with concerns regarding the condition of the properties that Silva Homes manages.

This includes incidents of plumbing issues and rodent infestations.

A spokesperson for Silva Homes said: “Our priority is to give all our customers a safe and secure place to live.

“To do this we ensure that before we re-let any property it meets our empty homes standards; if a lot of work is required this can take time as this could include the removal of asbestos or installing a new kitchen or bathroom.

“We’re aware of the acute need for quality affordable housing in the area and are working as quickly as possible to make these properties available for those in need.

"Over the past three months we have mobilised additional resource to ensure homes are available quicker without compromising on quality and safety.”