Parents have lost thousands in tuition fees which still haven’t been paid back after a school near Bracknell closed down earlier this year.

The Meadowbrook Montessori School in Malt Hill, rural Warfield officially closed down in the Summer which led to the parents and guardians having to find new schools for their children.

Parents have complained that tuition fees have not been paid back since its closure and gaps in the education of their children.

The parents raised alarm about the precarious situation at the school in Spring but that was when its future was still uncertain.

A court case with a hearing on Wednesday, May 24, ultimately led to the school having to close down.

One mum had her son in Year 6 of the school, who has since moved on to Secondary education at Ranelagh School in Bracknell.

The mum, who asked not to be named, said: “The school closed one week before SATs exams, so this was quite challenging for him.

“I had to register him for the exams and find out everything myself.

“Heads at the school were looking one day to the other day for a replacement but the school was not replaced.

“The lady from the education centre for the exams thought it was nonsense because it doesn’t happen.

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“The other parents were in a far worse situation, they had to change schools for their children in lower years, so it was not so easy for them.

“There are some parents who moved to the area for this school, this came out of the blue, without warning. The kids were crying, the teachers knew nothing.

“That was it. Until now I don’t know what’s happening.

“Apart from anything else they didn’t finish their education completely, my son has missed some tests.

“I’m just happy my son has moved on but I can’t say the same for the other parents. We have never been reimbursed the tuition fees.”

Another mum had her 9-year-old daughter start at Meadowbrook in October 2022.

At the time of court proceedings in April this year, she had paid £4,500 for a full year of fees.

She said: “It had an incredible ethos and was fantastic with SEN children. My daughter has ADHD and anxiety and had finally found her place in the world and had progressed such much, following a stagnant few years at a local state school.

“So over 30 children were out of school.

“I am a single mum, working full time and saved every penny to pay for my daughter to go there! So I am stuck with no refund of this terms school fees. Lots of parents were working with no provisions for their children- it’s a nightmare!

“The children have been traumatised by what has happened.”

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It is understood that neither of the parents have been reimbursed.

The parents were praiseworthy of the staff. One of the mum’s said: “The teachers did an outstanding job to secure some type of temporary education, I’m really annoyed about how they have been treated.”

A fundraiser set up by Jennifer Page on GoFundMe raised £7,100 for former staff, with multiple hundred-pound donations.

Meadowbrook Montessori relocated at some time during the pandemic.

A YouTube video from ‘Exploring with Eikenvargr’ shows two men wandering around the former site of the school, with the description of the video stating that the school closed and reopened at a nearby site in Malt Hill.

The video was posted on August 23, 2020, showing the interior of the old school being trashed and former classroom walls being daubed with graffiti.

The former proprietor of the school has been contacted and any response will be published.